Our mission is to enable machines to perceive and understand the real world, so they can intelligently and robustly perform in chanllenging tasks and scenarios.
  • Machine Perception: data acquisition and processing
  • Machine Learning: knowledge modeling and aggregation

Machine Learning

We conduct researches on probabilistic learning and inference, kernel methods and deep Learning, esp. Multimodal Deep Networks

Computer Vision

We work on a wide range of computer vision problems including visual scene understanding, video analysis and understanding and multimodal data analysis

Knowledge Representation

We are interested in several knowledge representation tasks such as discovery of trustworthy knowledge, multi-source knowledge aggregation, and heterogeneous network analysis


  • In what are we interested?

    • Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition
    • Computer Vision and Multimedia Computing
    • Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
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  • What are we doing?

    • Regularized Generative Adversarial Nets and Applications
    • Learning Transformation Equivariant Representations
    • Small Data Challenges in Big Data Era
    • Time-Series Analysis and Applications
    • Perception, Control, Decision-Making and Optimization in Smart City
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