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Laboratory  for MAchine Perception and LEarning (MAPLE)

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Guo-Jun Qi, Ph.D.,  

Fellow of IEEE and IAPR

I am hiring Principal/Staff/Senior/Research Scientists for developing AI/VR/AR systems at our Seattle Research Center.  Interested candidates can reach me directly.



guojunq at gmail dot com


Machine Perception and Learning (MAPLE) [url]

Project github homepage: [github]

Follow me on:  

 Facebook,Twitter, Zhihu

Research Interests

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning    
  • Computer Vision and Image Processing 
  • Multimedia Computing and Analysis


Recent News [More News]:  

  • [November 2022]  I will serve as a member of the IEEE Fellow Committee.
  • [June 2022] I am named a Fellow of IAPR.
  • [April 2022] I am invited to join AAIA as a Fellow.
  • [January 2022] I am serving as a member of IEEE SPS Conference Board.
  • [November 2021] I am elevated to IEEE Fellow.
  • [November 2021] I am elevated to ACM Distinguished Scientist.
  • [July 2021] IEEE's flagship conference on multimedia -- ICME 2021 will take place 5-9 July 2021.  It is my honor to serve as a General Co-chair, and we are looking forward to meeting you in July virtually.  We sincerely wish all attendees stay safe and healthy amid the pandemic. 
  • [May 2021] I am hiring FTEs and interns for several projects on perception, cognitive and controllable AI/VR/AR and Robotics Systems at our Seattle Research Center, including but not limited to machine learning and pattern recognition, multimedia and multi-sensor signal processing, computer vision, natural language processing, decision making, reinforcement learning, motion control, path planing, and system optimization.  Interested candidates can reach me directly by email (see above).
  • [October 2020] ACM Multimedia 2020 will take place 12-16 October online, and I feel honored to serve as a Program Co-chair. Despite many challenges amid the COVID-19, we sincerely hope all attendees stay safe and healthy, and could enjoy the virtual program.  

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