Research Areas (with selected publications)

Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition

o    Unsupervised and Semi-Supervised Deep Learning [pdf] [pdf] [pdf]

o    Multimodal Representation Learning  [pdf] [pdf]

o    Generative Adversarial Network Theory and Applications [pdf] [pdf]

o    Model Security and Privacy in Deep Learning [pdf] [pdf]

o    Network Architecture Search and Model Compression [pdf] [pdf]


Computer Vision and AIGC

o    2D/3D Scene Reconstruction, Mapping and Localization [pdf] [pdf]

o    Video Analysis and Understanding [pdf] [pdf]

o    Face/Gesture Recognition and 2D/3D Human Pose Estimation [pdf] [pdf]

o    AI-enabled digital avatar modeling and animation [link


Internet-of-Things (IOTs) Information Processing and Analytics 

o    Discovery of trustworthy sources/sensors [pdf] [pdf]

o    Multi-source information fusion [pdf] [pdf]

o    Heterogeneous sensor data analysis [pdf] [pdf]


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Last updated 12/17/14